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The Palácio

For over a century, Palácio Príncipe Real was a cherished, elegant family home.

Built-in 1877, the Palácio was enjoyed and loved by the Lisbon Teixeira da Mota family and Lisbon society still speaks fondly of parties hosted there.

When Gail and Miles were introduced to the building in 2014, they fell in love with the space, the original features, and the amazing garden, and they vowed to recreate the decadent luxury of days gone by with all of the comforts of modern life...

And so began the adventure. Miles - a lawyer by profession and partner of Linklaters for many years, became a full time engineer and fnancial controller whilst his wife Gail was finally able to fulfill her dream of interior design. They worked together on the project more intensely than they had ever imagined possible and were getting ready to open the doors for Easter one needs reminding of what happened next!

Fast forward to 2021 and we all hope for a new beginning!